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That "out of mind, back in five minutes" kind of feeling.

30 July
I'm a graduate student in ethnomusicology, currently studying music and identity in an Irish pub in downtown Boston. Other interests include Japanese language and culture, jazz, urban fantasy books, coffee, and avoiding thinking about my student loans.

Meg is fluffy summer fun!
Meg is a brilliant ethnomusicker and drinking companion!

I am the Sho to trivialaffair's Shige!!

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aliens, ancient history, animals, anthropology, anti-perfume activism, arashi, archaeology, archery, armor, art, art films, artificial intelligence, astronomy, awesomely bad movies, bach, bette midler, birthday buddies, bleach, blues, bonnie pink, breast cancer, celtic music, celts, chainmaile, chaucer, chemistry, classics, cooking, costumes, creativity, cryptic muppets references, cultural studies, daisuke asakura, dragons, dreams, eileen ivers, ellen degeneres, elves, english, ethnomusicology, faeries, faerietales, families with governing councils, fanfiction, fantasy, fencing, folk music, folklore, freaky lawn ornaments, gackt, gacktjob, gaeilge, games, gardening, ghosts, giant man-eating worms, guitar, gussan's atlas shoulders, harry potter, hauntings, historical musicology, history, humor, hyde, ireland, irish versus celtic, j.r.r. tolkein, japan, japanese, jazz, johnny depp, jrock, kamen rider kabuto, kurt vonnegut, languages, larc-en-ciel, latin, leader's smexy hair, libraries, linguistics, literature, longing for cheesecake, lord of the rings, macintosh computers, magic, matsujun and chameleons, medieval history, medieval recreation, mizushima hiro's amazing cargoes, mozart, music, musicology, mysticism, mythology, new age, nose whistles, obliterating demonspawn, ocd boy of love, p.d.q. bach, philosophy, pimping chopsticks, pirates, quenya, quilting, reading, religions, renaissance faires, retarded self-training, sasword, science fiction, shakespeare, sho's baby radar, singing, storms, superstitions, swords, taoism, team mole, the crusades, the mayor duckie, the middle ages, the renaissance, theatre, thoreau, three octaves omg, thunderstorms, tokio, travel, virtual music communities, wales, writing, xxxholic, yeats, zen, zorak


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